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First Date Location Suggestions

So you've met an interesting girl or boy, perhaps through Maybe you've known the person for a while, but never been romantically involved. Now, though, you have the chance to meet them for a date.

Planning your first date can be tough, especially if you're officially calling it a date. You have to worry about how to act around girls (or boys), what to wear, etc. Picking out the location and activities should be the first step.

Start by looking at potentially common interests between you and your date. There are lots of things Otaku like to do. You have plenty of opportunities based on what you might be interested in, and sometimes you can think either in or outside of the box. For a normal, relaxed date consider a movie. Japanese and anime movies come out in the U.S. from time to time, and seeing one together could be a great experience. Look to see if there are any anime movies playing in your local theater in the next month or so.

In some cases, you might also want to consider not approaching it as a date. For guys, maybe you have a girl who will talk with you and hang out with you as a friend, but you aren't she likes you. Consider asking "Hey, would you want to come Ponyo with me this weekend? It wouldn't be a date or anything." Understand that if it's not a date, you can't treat it like one, so you might expect friends to come along with you or her.
Other ideas include:
  • Swimming - Especially midsummer if it's hot in your area. If you have your own in ground pool, even cooler. If you think you'd feel awkward alone together, consider inviting several friends and hold a party.
  • Ice Skating - If your date might be at all athletic, then they might enjoy ice skating, especially if you have a place to do it casually like at a large mall.
  • Anime Movies - As said above, anime movies can make great first date ideas if they're playing in local theaters.
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