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Gamer Dating Also Good

Frequently the two worlds of anime and video games meet. Considering the best of both worlds have come from Japan, it's odd that few people link gamers and otaku when it comes to dating. But Otaku and gamers make excellent dating matches.

Why Date A Gamer?

Dating a gamer, who might not be into anime, is fun. Most people who enjoy anime also like video games, and often vice-versa. Chances are, your gamer just has not found out that they like anime yet. Don't force it on them, but you could maybe get them to watch one of your favorite episodes if you play one of their favorite games. Dating doesn't have to be difficult, and does not have to center entirely on what you like, but it is a tremendous benefit.

Consider picking up the controller to one of their favorite multiplayer games when they're not around and getting good, maybe better than your gamer. Dating doesn't have to be hard, so when they come home you can challenge them to a game and instantly have a ton of fun together.
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