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How Otaku Dating Works

There are thousands of websites online specifically for dating. Otaku usually don't fit in at these websites, though. Even eHarmony suggests not to upload pictures of yourself in a costume. But why should you hide who you area? Otaku dating works because it matches you with other people with similar interests, which is extremely important for any relationship. Although your long term relationship status is most affected by your personality (which My Otaku also checks), common interests are important to look at.

When on a website for dating other Otaku, it's important to consider the motives behind the website, while also considering it's design. Does it look suspiciously like another niche dating website? If so, then maybe it's just one of those clone websites by a faceless corporation that tries to fill every niche with their websites. Trying out a more unique Otaku dating site is probably the better approach.

Dating for Otaku is especially hard because of the unique age range of young anime fans. Many are just in their early twenties or teens, and are unable to move around as freely as they would like. Most are tied to a specific college town or other city, and thus finding other area fans and Otaku is difficult. That's why using the internet can be an important, and effective way to meet others - it's what most Otaku are already comfortable with, and is thus easy for them.
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