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Is Otaku Geek?

Some people say that Otaku is just another word for a kind of geek. But we think that does not apply very well to Otaku. Geeks are generally just assorted peculiar, odd, or strange individuals overly obsessed with something, which is often the connotation you find with Otaku. But Otaku can also be a much more prideful term than geek, as Otaku are far often normal in their day-to-day lives. Most Otaku don't spend all hours of every day thinking about anime or travelling to Japan, although they may watch anime at night consistently or regularly listen to anime music.

Being Otaku is better than being geek. In general, Otaku work hard to understand the culture behind what the enjoy, and have a wide array of interests outside of being Otaku. Even though the word is derived from an obsession, most Otaku understand that getting obsessed over something is not the most intelligent thing to do.

In short, you should consider being Otaku as far superior to geek. Yes, some very rare Otaku are unwashed and insane, but there are thousands of high-quality (yes, high-quality) Otaku that aren't like that.
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