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Stuff Otaku Like

Otaku are surprisingly varied in their tastes and interests, especially since we don't believe all Otaku are obsessive fans. Some merely like anime because it's fun to watch and they don't obsess over it, meaning their interests can be very varied. Here is some stuff Otaku like:

  • Video Games are almost always fun. Most Otaku like at least some kind of videogame, whether it be Final Fantasy or Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

  • Bookstores can be a favorite retreat for Otaku, especially the larger ones. Many are bibliophiles, and if not they probably like Manga or books about Japan. Often guys will go to the computer programming section.

  • Shopping is also big with anime girls, just at different places. They might actually take you shopping at GameStop instead of Abercrombie.

  • Hot Topic follows the line along with shopping. Depending on their Otaku type, especially if they like lolita fashion, then they'll definitely want to come here.

  • Japanese food, at least rice. Not all Otaku like Japanese food, but it is a treat for most of them, and nearly all of them will eat Ramen noodles and rice.

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