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Dating Mistakes To Avoid

Vash Smacked
Sometimes there are reasons the person you go out with might never want to see you again, beyond just not matching each other. Here are some dating no-no's that you must work really hard to avoid, starting with the more severe but less common.

Rudeness to your date is instantly going to kill your chances. If you are texting throughout the movie or dinner, or you're chatting on the phone or with a friend the whole time, then your date is not going to be pleased - who would?

Being rude to others is also a quick warning sign. If you're rude to the waiter, or the ticket person, or someone else then the girl or boy you are dating is going to catch on and learn to be a little apprehensive.

Acting immature will usually be frowned at, unless you already know your date a little. A Magikarp impersonation might get some people laughing, but make sure you know them first, otherwise you'll look like a fool.

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