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Finding Otaku for Dating

Discovering Anime Fans, Manga Readers, and Otaku

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Sometimes the hardest part about dating is finding people with similar interests. You already know you enjoy anime and being an Otaku, though, so you've already figured out what you might want to be looking for. Single Otaku, though, are surprisingly more numerous than you might imagine.

So what's the problem? Well Otaku who are single are generally not the most social individuals. They might attend anime conventions, but not see many other people with the same interests outside of cons. They are likely on DeviantArt or another website all day, rather than spending time with other people in person - and this is true for both genders.

So how can you find Otaku to date? It's actually not hard, and it starts with two things you are already used to: conventions, and the internet. Looking at anime conventions for other interesting Otaku can be challenging, but key points are to simply not work to hard at it. Just making friends with Otaku and people who like anime of the opposite sex can lead to relationships that would have otherwise never happened. Then on the internet there are plenty of dating websites that help match you with other singles, and a select few focused on anime, manga, and cosplay fans like you.

Using the internet for Otaku dating can be rather easy, though, especially with a new website called Mai Otaku. You are already used to the internet and social networks, so using this special purpose website is a good choice to find potential dates.
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